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3 things we’ve learned about marketing

Brock Health started over 10 years ago with zero customers and one employee. Since then it has grown a lot and so has our experience in marketing. Today we’ll share with you some of our common-sense marketing tips. Marketing is all about trial and error Because we have no formal training in marketing, we’ve learned […]

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How much is your business is worth?

Have you ever wondered what your business is worth? Perhaps you have heard some rules of thumb like a business is worth three times gross profit or two times sales. These methods are very circumstantial and can vary across industries and regions. However, whereas valuing a business is never an exact science, there are some […]

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How to choose an accountant

Brock Health Administration has many clients that operate various types of consulting businesses. Health Spending Accounts (HSAs) are an important service especially for those in the ‘gig economy’ and so are accountants. We thought it would be helpful to provide some guidance about accountants to people who may just be launching their consulting business. Firstly, […]

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Our recipes for healthy office snacks

As part of nutrition month we’ve been thinking about our healthy eating habits at the office. The latest studies have shown that there is a trend away from the three traditional meals of the day towards more smaller meals or snacks. Following this trend it becomes more and more important to make sure those snacks […]

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An Interview with our Founder

Brock Health was started in late 2006 out of a basement office in Calgary. Since then, the business has grown a great deal both in size and in experience. Our founding director, Keith Peden, takes a moment to share insights about Brock Health and the medical benefits sector. Why did you decide to open a […]

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We are now on Social Media

Many people equate the New Year with a fresh start. At Brock Health the year 2020 means a new beginning for us on social media. You can now find us on Facebook at: We are also on LinkedIn here: We have finally joined the 21st century! We’ll be talking about issues of concern […]

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