Submit Claim

Brock Health values your trust and is always working hard to bring you a more secure way of handling sensitive information. We have contracted to deliver your claims to us electronically without having to worry about who is reading your message from the time you hit send to the time we receive it. We believe that this new method of submitting claims will make it easier and quicker for you when your time is precious.

You aren’t limited to just submitting claims via e-courier. You can also submit cheque images, registrations, updates, Pre-Authorized Debit Agreements, Direct Deposit forms (and VOID cheques), or anything else that you feel needs to be delivered in a secure fashion.

  1. Have receipts and claim form ready (see forms for details)
  2. Click on the button below to be taken to a secure upload site.
  3. Fill out the required information (if this is your first time submitting through e-Courier you will be required to enter your phone number for verification purposes, please make sure it is the same number we have for your account).
  4. Attach as many files as you require. There is no limit on the number you can attach.
  5. Attach cheque image. We do not need physical cheques (a picture or image of a cheque will do).
  6. Enter a brief message (optional).
  7. Hit ‘Send Secure e-Package’.

As always, we are here to help. Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

Pay-As-You-Go Plan

1) Download the appropriate form from the following list (Spreadsheet versions can be completed in Microsoft Excel):
Pay-As-You-Go Plan Claim Form – (Manual PDF Version) – Download, print and complete by hand in pen
For PEI, NS, NB and NL customers – Pay-As-You-Go Plan Claim Form – (Spreadsheet Version) – Complete, Save and Print
For ON customers – Pay-As-You-Go Plan Claim Form – (Spreadsheet Version) – Complete, Save and Print
For all other customers – Pay-As-You-Go Plan Claim Form – (Spreadsheet Version) – Complete, Save and Print

2) Once the form is completed, print, sign and scan it along with all the receipts.

3) If you are an employee, submit the claim directly through our website using e-Courier along with a company payment cheque image.

4) If you are the business owner, you may scan a business cheque for full payment of the Total Fee Payable showing on the form and submit it along with the claim through our website using e-Courier. You can send one cheque image for multiple employee claims.

Prepaid Plan

1. Download the Prepaid Plan Claim Form

2. Once the form is completed, print, sign and scan it along with copies of all the receipts.

3. Submit the claim directly through our website using our secure email service e-Courier.

Reimbursement and Funding Options


Brock Health can issue employee reimbursements in two ways:

1) Direct Deposit – All we need is a VOID personal cheque sent with the claim through e-Courier.
2) Cheque – A paper cheque will be mailed out and should reach you within 10-14 business days.

Funding Options

Brock Health can receive funds is four different ways:

1) Cheque image sent with the claim through e-Courier
2) Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement – funds will be withdrawn when we receive the claim
3) Interac e-Transfer sent to – use your company name as the security question and your Policy number as the password.
4) Paper Cheque sent through the mail with the claim
5) Funds on account or alternative options for larger companies. Please contact us to see if your company qualifies for alternative funding arrangements.

Submitting a Claim through Canada Post:

If you do not wish to submit your claim online you may download the appropriate claim form and submit copies of all your receipts through Canada Post. However, delivery times will vary depending on your distance from Calgary, Alberta. We also encourage people submitting their claims through regular mail to keep copies of all receipts in case they get lost in the mail.