Why Choose Brock Health For A PHSP

Brock Health is proud to promote our Online Claim Submission service, e-Courier. e-Courier makes submitting a claim quick and easy with just a few clicks of the mouse, saving you time. Brock Health is one of a select few Private Health Service Providers in Canada to offer this service.

The following list of Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) providers is presented in order of increasing total cost as of the time of writing. We believe this list is correct but cannot guarantee its accuracy.

Provider Name Admin Fee Registration Fee Online Submission
Brock Health Administration 5% $100.00 Yes
Cost Efficient Benefit Plan 5% $100.00 Yes
Imax Financial Services 10% $0.00 No
PreTax Health Canada 10% $99.00 Yes
Olympia Benefits 10% $99.00 annually Yes
McGill Financial 10% $125.00 No
DHC Administrators 10% $149.00 No
The Health Plan 10% $200.00 No
Shield Medical Inc. 10% $239.00 No
Hub Financial 10% $250.00 No
Winflex Health Solutions 10% $250.00 Yes
Medi Direct 10% $250.00 No
Serre Financial Services 10% $250.00 No
Custom Care 10% $295.00 No
Pacific First 15% $200.00 No

At Brock Health Administration, we value your business and want to earn it. We are attaching website links to all the other major providers of PHSP services across Canada, so you can review their offerings. We want you to “comparison shop” and select the best service that will meet your needs. We are very confident you will come back to the Brock Health Administration plan as the most economical.

We know that Brock Health Administration offers one of the lowest cost combination of registration charges and ongoing administration fees in Canada. While all Private Health Services Plans must follow the same tax regulations, you may have a requirement for one of their value-added services. In contrast, Brock Health Administration offers the basic service to return more tax savings to you.

The websites of our competitors are informative and will help you further understand the functioning of a Private Health Services Plan (PHSP). Ultimately, we believe the operating cost is the key determinant in selecting your Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) provider.