Our People

Kristy Thomson


Kristy is the Claims Manager. She is responsible for all operational facets of claims processing. This includes storage and cataloguing of all claim submissions, adjudication of the health benefits in each claim, issuance of reimbursement cheques, and uploads of the Electronic Funds Transfers. She is also responsible for daily quality assurance activities.

Sandy Boblin


Sandy is the Customer Service Manager. She takes care of the customer service side of the business. This includes general enquiries from the public and routine requests from existing customers. She also conducts the initial preparation of claims for processing. Sandy ensures timely delivery of the customer tax reporting, and collection & distribution of all incoming and outgoing correspondence.

Keith Peden


Keith is the Vice President of Marketing. He is a consultant with more than thirty years experience. He has a background in a variety of industries, including mining, forestry, health care, telecommunications, financial services, air and rail transportation and all levels of government. He has worked in many technical and management roles with senior level expertise in managing projects in a variety of large and small organizations.

Fiona Wahl


As Managing Director, Fiona supervises the executive team.  She has an active presence within the business, and finalizes all strategic decision making. Her skill lies in anticipating operational issues and is committed to providing the best possible experience for all customers. Fiona is responsible for the ultimate health of the organization, and authorizes the deployment of resources to resolve strategic challenges. She has established a solid operational team at Brock Health and is confident in their capabilities to assist our customers whatever their needs. She is always looking to the future and provides leadership in a number of other companies in the Brock Group including pursuing opportunities overseas.