Make a Payment

Health Spending Accounts need to be funded by the Planholder. So, at some point, payment needs to be sent to Brock Health. For our Pay-as-You-Go customers, this is usually done at the same time the claim is submitted. For our larger group customers, this is often in response to an invoice or requested deposit on account.
In either case, there are several ways you can send funds to Brock Health:

  1. Interac eTransfers
  2. Email Cheque Images
  3. Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD)
  4. Canada Post
  5. Credit Cards (Online Only)

Interac eTransfers:

This service is offered through your bank via the Interac debit card service. It is currently a free service at most Canadian financial institutions. The participating banks have this function within their online banking website where you can initiate the process. You may find limits are associated with your account depending on how large a payment you are trying to make. If so, it may require several payments before the full balance is paid.

  • From within your online banking, send your eTransfer to
  • Use your company name (Planholder) as the security question
  • Use your Policy (account) number as the password. It is on most correspondence from us, but if you do not know your Policy number, please call us toll-free at 1-866-959-7483

Email Cheque Images

This payment method is very simple. Just take a picture or scan of your payment cheque and send it to us electronically. You or your accounts payable team retain the physical paper cheque for your records and Brock Health can deposit the image as payment. Brock Health is proud to offer this secure way of handling sensitive documents with an encrypted email service delivered by our Canadian-based service provider ( This is the same service you and your employees would use to submit claims and health receipts.

  • Make out the business cheque as you normally would
  • Take a picture or scanned image of your payment cheque
  • You retain the original cheque. Do not send it in the mail
  • Click on the button below to open the encrypted email service
  • Attach the image and send it just like you would with normal email
  • You can attach claim forms and health receipts if you are submitting a claim as well

Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD)

A PAD agreement is an ongoing authorization to provide payment automatically from your business bank account directly to Brock Health whenever a claim is submitted. This eliminates the need for you to make payment with each claim. You are alerted when a claim is submitted by one of your employees and when the withdrawal will take place. A receipt will be sent as well. This service is controlled by the Canadian Payments Association, so you will need to sign the agreement to authorize Brock Health to make the withdrawals.

  • Download the PAD agreement, located on our website here
  • Sign the agreement and attach a VOID cheque from your business payment account
  • Forward these documents to us, either by eCourier, FAX, or Canada Post
  • Brock Health will then withdraw funds from your business account when claims are submitted

Canada Post

Paper cheques can be submitted through the regular mail at the address shown below. For residents of Calgary, you can also visit our office during our regular business hours to make payment in-person, and have claims processed and paid out at the same time.

Credit Cards (Online Only)

Brock Health acknowledges that some businesses today do not use paper cheques and expect to conduct all business electronically. After exhausting all other methods of payment, you can pay for your health claim or invoice online with your credit card. This is your most expensive option and we strongly discourage it’s use for payments to Brock Health.

This service is only offered online as we do not have access to any credit card or debit card processing in our office.

As a business owner, you would be aware of the credit card processing fees charged by banks to vendors. Unfortunately, with a 3% card fee the banks would receive more than half of our 5% administration fee. Due to the incremental cost for processing a credit card, Brock Health must pass along their fee, on top of the cost of the health claim or invoice. We did not decide this lightly as we pride ourselves on keeping our administration fees low to pass along savings to our Planholder customers.

We are offering this service to our clients who choose convenience over the incremental cost. Our credit card processing provider will retain a 3% processing fee + a $0.30 transaction fee for all credit card transactions. Brock Health will pass along this cost in addition to our normal 5% administration fee on your claims plus applicable federal taxes. This processing fee is charged over and above the invoiced amount owing to Brock Health.

By clicking on the link below, you understand and accept the above payment terms. The link will take you to our credit card payment processor when you can complete a secure and private payment transaction.