Make a Payment

Brock Health acknowledges that your company may not have cheques. After exhausting all other methods of payment, you can pay for your health claim or invoice with your credit card.

We are offering this service as a convenience to our clients. Due to the incremental cost for processing a credit card, Brock Health has decided to pass along this fee. We are charging a 3% + $0.30 processing fee for all credit card transactions. We did not decide this lightly as we pride ourselves in keeping our admin fee low.  You are still being charged a 5% administration fee on your claim as well as tax on the administration fee. This processing fee is charged over and above the amount owing to Brock Health.

Before even submitting payment for your claim, please make sure you have submitted your receipts AND claim form via our website.

Once you have completed sending the proper forms or documents, proceed below.


By clicking on the link above, you accept these payment terms.