How to Submit a Claim

Unsure on what to include with your claim? Follow these directions to ensure your reimbursement is issued without any problems!

  1. Visit our website and download the claim form that is right for you. There are 5 different claim forms so be sure you have selected the right one.
  2. Fill out the claim form either on your computer or by hand.
  3. Scan the claim form
  4. Scan all the receipts that you are claiming. We do not need credit card slips, only the official receipts from the provider.
  5. If your company is a Pay-As-You-Go client and you pay by cheque, we can accept a cheque image for payment with your claim submission. You can also sign up for Pre-Authorized Debit (we withdraw funds from your bank account directly when a claim is made), pay by Interac eTransfer (there are limits imposed by banks, so please check before sending and please contact us for specific directions on sending an Interac eTransfer to us), or Credit Card (full details here). If your company is a Prepaid client, skip to Step 7. If you are unsure, please contact our office.
  6. Scan the payment cheque.
  7. Go to our Submit Claim page.
  8. Click on the link
  9. Fill out the requested information or sign in.
  10. Hit submit!

Once we have opened the claim email, you will receive a notification. We will send you a second notification when we begin processing it or if we need any additional support documents. Once the processing begins, we will initiate the deposit of your payment cheque. After we have received notification that the funds have cleared, we will make sure all your receipts are valid and eligible. This process takes approximately 5 business days. If you have signed up for Direct Deposit reimbursement, it will be issued at this point, cheque reimbursements are mailed out on this day as well. Direct Deposit reimbursements will appear in your bank account in 5 business days.